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Our Story


Award Winning Artisan Venison & Game Pies & Sausage Rolls.

A husband and wife team of deerstalking, butchering and beautifully encrusting fully traceable meat!


Lynn & Steve Tricker


We are both born and bred in Suffolk.

Steve originally from Eastbridge and Lynn from Middleton


Our business  was initiated in November 2014 after being approached by the new owners of the Thoroughfare Deli in Halesworth. They were looking for different products to sell from that of the previous owners, and knowing us as cooks and lovers of local ingredients, they asked if we would make some savoury pastry products for them along those lines! The response from the customers in Halesworth was phenomenal, and the feedback amazing. This made us realise that there was a market out there for our goods and hence the new business was created.


As the name implies, the fillings for our pies and sausage rolls are fully traceable. We can guarantee this on the grounds that all the venison and game is shot by Steve who is as fully qualified as is possible in deer management. He is also a fully qualified butcher. All the deer which have been shot are individually inspected & recorded and these cull details are used to identify which animals go into each product on batch records every time pies and sausage rolls are hand made. This allows full traceability including the date, time, place of cull and the species of deer.

Lynn has worked in catering all her life and together with Steve, loves to create local, seasonal food with quality ingredients. The business has been fully approved by Waveney District Council allowing us to create handmade pies and sausage rolls in small batches at home from our own venison and other game. Wherever possible we use local ingredients to add to our recipes such as E S Burroughs & Son Cream and Giggler Cider from Bramfield in our Rabbit Pies and we blend only Blythburgh Free Range Pork with our own venison mince for our sausage rolls. All in all we are creating pies and sausage rolls from local products with full provenance. As the popularity of our pies grew, we then started adding more game flavours to our range. By taking pheasants and partridges from local farm/estate shoots, we are also helping to ensure that those birds are going into the food chain rather than being left unused. We  also produce a small variety of non-game products due to demand and use local high welfare produce such as Sutton Hoo Free Range Chickens and Cratfield Beef. We feel strongly that if we don't know where the ingredients have come from, they don't go into our pies!

We sell our products frozen, uncooked which gives the customer the flexibility to cook as many as they require at a time for deli/coffee shop or pub/café sales, they can also be supplied packaged individually to sell in farm shop/butchers freezers as a cook at home product. When attending events such as Farmers' Market or Food Fairs, we sell our products both cooked or frozen direct to the public.


In April 2015 our Homemade Venison Pie was judged as Class Champion in the Speciality Meat Category of The British Pie Awards which attracted over 800 entrants from across Britain. Judges, including TV chef Andy Bates and food critic Charles Campion, scrutinised each pie for appearance, bake, texture and flavour in 20 different categories. We have since proudly achieved several more of these awards for our full range of game pies along with Great Taste Awards for all our sausage rolls. As a business we have also gained success at The Suffolk Food & Drink Awards,The Eat Game Awards and the Countryside Alliance Rural Oscars!



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