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Gamechanger Project
In 2019 we became Taste of Game Ambassadors and throughout the school year we deliver pheasant butchery and cooking masterclasses to GCSE students across Suffolk.
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Cookery Classes
We are excited to be part of Mrs Portly's Game Cookery Classes which are guaranteed to be fun, informative and hands on.
Find out why game management is crucial to our countryside and learn about game prep and butchery before a hands-on session cooking your own dishes to take home. The course content will vary according to what’s in season but as an example you could be making venison pasties, Asian-style pheasant or a tasty game ragout. Enjoy a lunch of our Truly Traceable award-winning game pies  (and buy extra to take home if you wish). This course will be a combination of demo and hands-on, working individually and as a group.
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Humane Dispatch Work
Steve is on the Police Humane Dispatch call out list for North Suffolk and regularly has to attend Deer Vehicle Collisions. This is done on a voluntary basis. At least 74,000 deer are injured on roads in the UK each year. Many are killed, some disappear to die later, but a significant proportion are injured and remain alive at the scene. Such animals may suffer badly and are a potential further hazard to road users. Often the only reasonable course is to humanely dispatch the animal as soon as it is safe to do so.
Please note that none of these carcasses are used for our business!
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